PicBlitz Virtual Photo Manager 3.20

As quick as a blink, PicBlitz uses memory based techniques to view, modify, organize graphics and photos without writing to disk. Change resolution, resize, brighten, colorize, rotate and move, copy, rename. Mouse hovering is like a touch screen.

PicBlitz Virtual Photo Manager 3.20

As quick as a blink, PicBlitz uses memory based techniques to view, modify and organize photos and graphics without writing to the hard drive. Features batch change resolution, resize, brighten, colorize, rotate and organizational commands with an easy to use mouse hover interface giving a touch screen feel to the PC.

PicBlitz starts by scanning hard drives for photos and graphics while it builds an in-memory database. A typical scan for 25,000 photos takes less than a minute; a scan for 500,000 is surprisingly fast. As the mouse is moved, photos are displayed instantly because the memory based image eliminates the need for multiple reads, reducing hard drive head movement. Adjust size, resolution, brightness, and rotation virtually; the changes are saved in memory. Use virtual file organizational commands such as move, copy, paste and rename. Resize and change resolution on multiple files with a one key command. Modified files are highlighted in red; save changes using the Save Folder command.

PicBlitz gets its speed from memory, which in the PC world is a hundred thousand times quicker than disk. How easy is it to lose track of a misplaced graphic, hidden somewhere in the wrong directory. Searching a hard drive is a very slow process. Instant Search retrieves the results as instantaneously as an online search. To further assist searches, PicBlitz has a by date view and calendar control. A speed adjustable full screen slide show is synchronized with the views.

PicBlitz is sold in two versions: Home and Professional. PicBlitz Home handles 50,000 most recent graphics. PicBlitz Pro manages over 500,000 graphics easily, with a hard limit of 900,000. Both are a perfect middleman between Windows Explorer and a graphics editor. Supports digital camera (RAW) formats, JPG, PNG, GIF, ICO, and BMP file types. PicBlitz has passed Microsoft designed tests for compatibility with Windows 7, Vista and XP. 10mb Hard Drive; requires 1gb memory. Free 21 day trial.


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